Via Spinale 37b - 38086 - Madonna di Campiglio (TN)
Tel: +39 0465 441033 -
Summer opening 1st June
Closing 7th October
Traveller Made


They represent the heart of Hotel, the physical and mental space where the dream comes true. The attention to each detail, from furniture to curtains, from colours to fragances, is the expression of a careful search, which allows you to enter a world of harmony and balance. The natural Larch, the ancient Fir, the fragrant Swiss Pine: each wood essence, depending on its specific properties, corresponds to a suite and helps to outline its atmosphere. Lights, colours and scents are designed to favour creativity, relaxation, concentration and serenity.
Scattered Clouds, dense at times, with the potential for short showers
T min.12°C - T max.22°C
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