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The wellness


"Oasi di Sogno" features a small but well-equipped gym.

"Oasi di Sogno" features a small but well-equipped gym.

On request, you can also have a personal trainer who will assist you in the development of specific programs aimed at improving your physical condition, resistance and proprioception.

The exercising programs are held either in the fitness room or in swimming pool, depending on your needs, and they can also be combined with “Biodream” treatment and or hand massages.

Please, contact the reception for the availability of a personal trainer, if interested.


It is the ability of being aware moment by moment of the movements the body is making, and it is essential for the proper functioning of the locomotor system. Since the foot is the part of the body that has the greatest density of proprioceptive information, the different pressures applied on it activate this control mechanism. The program may be associated with muscle strengthening exercises and/or physical resistance.

Stretching and flexibility

In sport activities and in life in general, this particular stretching/workout system allows you to achieve maximum muscle flexibility and consequently improves your performance at any physical activity. There are programs of dynamic stretching, static stretching, active static stretching, active global stretching.

Circuit training

Consists in simultaneously improving the strength, power and muscular endurance. The exercises, carried out on different machines, are held in the fitness center and / or in the aquatic gym.


It is the best way to burn fat and reduce weight in a natural way. The program can be performed on its own or combined with a Biodream slimming treatment. It takes place in the fitness center and /or the aquatic gym.

"When the soul knows how to dream, the body smiles"



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