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Madonna di Campiglio

The pearl of the Dolomites, an alpine village inserted in a natural context of rare beauty

Tourist destination of international fame in winter and summer, Madonna di Campiglio is an alpine village located in a natural valley surrounded by woods and mountains. Thanks to a ring road with tunnels and large parking lots located in the main access points, its center is limited to traffic and allows you to move freely between shops, restaurants and boutiques in the pedestrian area.

Madonna di Campiglio was born in the XII century. when a small hospice and a church were built.

The name "Madonna" seems to have originated from an ancient writing of 1222 by a monk, which referred to the hospital where he worked, that of the "glorious Mother of God Maria di Ambino".

The second part of the name "di Campiglio" would mean "small field / plain". In later times a chapel dedicated to Santa Maria di Campiglio was built which later became "Madonna di Campiglio".

 It was to an entrepreneur, a certain Giambattista Righi di Strembo, who erected the first hotel in 1868, in addition to undertaking the construction of a connecting road between Val Rendena and Campiglio at his own expense, so as to make it accessible by carriage.

An area of passage for wayfarers, merchants of cattle and wood, it is precisely towards the end of the 19th century that it becomes a tourist-summer destination for the Central European nobility including the Emperors of Austria, Princess Sissi and Francesco Giuseppe. Here they spent time among walks, hunting trips, concerts and sumptuous dances, of which traces remain today in the annual celebrations of the "Habsburg Carnival" in the Hofer hall, magnificently frescoed with scenes of local history.

In 1910 a group of English skiers discovered its winter beauty and quickly became one of the most renowned tourist resorts in the Alpine arc. At the end of the 1940s, the first ski facilities began to be built, the cable car company was founded in 1947 and with it came the international World Cup races, such as the 3-Tre, first edition 1957 and still one of the most important events important in the panorama of world alpine skiing.

Surrounded by the splendid Brenta Dolomites, a World Heritage Site and by the magnificent glaciers and granite peaks of the Adamello Presanella group, it is a reality of incomparable splendor that it is considered the "Pearl of the Dolomites". To date it offers one of the largest ski areas in the Alps with over 150km of slopes and more than 50 ski lifts, a golf course, infinite variety of walks, trekking, exciting via ferrata,

it is a stage of the Giro d'Italia and is part of the largest Bikeland in Italy for mountain biking.



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