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Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta

The Adamello Brenta is the protected area for its inestimable value and landscape importance (valleys, mountain range groups, woods, lakes ... etc..): here men and nature live together.


Strategic objectives of environmental policy of the Park:

  • Environmental protection and promotion of the scientific research of biodiversity,
  • Environmental education promotion,
  • Increasing the value of the area,
  • Innovation and sustainable development.


Park in numbers, far more precise and meaningful than expressed in words:

  • The first Park in Europe being granted the ISO 14001 certificate,
  • 620 sq. km. surface
  • 700 km equipped trails with indications,
  • 48 lakes,
  • 1200 species of flora,
  • 1300 deer,
  • 3600 European roe deer,
  • 7300 chamois,
  • 16/18 bears,
  • 15 species of fish,
  • 18 couples of Aquila genus (eagles),
  • 25 million of trees more than 2 meters in height.


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