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Also called "joy machine", Biodream is an integrated system of gentle pneumatic massage, chromotherapy, systemic hyperthermia, music and light therapy.

The treatments are automatically customized through a heart rate synchronization system using a heart rate monitor. It provides a cycle of basic programs ("Order Energy Joy") which may be followed by specific treatments according to your own needs.



Suitable for the reduction of imperfections caused by cellulite. We recommend a cycle of at least 6 / 10 treatments, applying to the areas of the body concerned, alternatively the HATHA Draining Body Mask (2 treatments), the DEHA Body Firming Emulsion (2 treatments) and the AJUS energizing Oil (1 treatment).


The treatment reactivates and / or improves aerobic metabolism and helps reduce your appetite, simply by stimulating the serotonin production. For best results it is advisable to spread the AJUS energizing oil over the entire body before each session and to combine an hypocaloric diet to the treatment. 6 sessions are recommended.


The Rejuvenation Treatment is indicated for the rejuvenation of the body and moisturizing of the skin. The bio-sincronized action of infrared rays improves the cellular exchange while the alternating action of Royal Blue light has the effect of a deep massage and causes a metabolic reactivation. Using the DEHA emulsion on affected areas of the body and the NUTRA cream on face, neck and hands, gives the dermis cells all the nutrients needed to promote collagen production and tissue regeneration. We recommend 6 sessions, the first of which should be generic (ORDER) and the rest should be specific Rejuvenation sessions.

Preparing the skin for tanning

33 minute treatments designed to moisturize and prepare the skin for sun exposure in order to get a fast and long-lasting tan. It is done after spreading the Solar 1 lotion over the entire body.



The Balance Treatment (of 14, 21 or 33 minutes) is recommended to relax or recover from emotional stress and, in general, to balance the physical energy with the emotional state and also to enhance concentration. The duration and number of sessions should be determined depending on the subject's stress level.


21 minutes of treatment designed to awaken and stimulate the intuitive creativity, especially in particularly rational subjects.

Preparing and increasing physical performance

It is suitable for those who want a sports holiday: Skiing in winter and hiking or golf in the summer are combined with training sessions either at the fitness center or at the aquatic gym.

Recovery from physical exhaustion

Indicated in the winter after sking, in the summer after particularly demanding hikes and after golf.

Quick recovery for athletes after competitions or intense activity

Every competition, at any level, involves adrenaline discharge and lactic acid production. The combined action of phototherapy, chromotherapy and infrared systemic therapy, accelerates the elimination of these substances and reduces the muscle pain that they cause.

Pain reliever

It is a treatment aimed at reducing general muscle pain and inflammation, especially in cases of osteoarthritis and arthritis. For best results it is advisable to distribute the energizing AJUS oil on the body before each treatment.

"When the soul knows how to dream, the body smiles"



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